Do not set up your campsite, without checking in. Please cooperate with parking attendants.
Camping gates will be open Friday June 24th at 12PM until 10PM. Camping gates will re-open Saturday June 25th at 8AM. Any vehicles arriving prior to gate open times on Friday June 24th will be turned away and will not be permitted to queue on the roadways.
TENT CAMPING (Site Size 16’x16′)
• Tent camping is strictly for Tents only.
• Tent trailers are required to purchase RV camping.
• A normal sized car is defined as anything smaller than a 12-passenger van. Only lightweight passenger vehicles, including pickup trucks and SUV’s (smaller than a 12-passenger van) will be permitted in the tent camping areas for set up only.
• Camp sites will comfortably camp 4-6 people, with 6 people max per site.

RV CAMPING (Site Size 40’x20′)
• Tent trailers are required to purchase RV camping.
• RV campsites MUST have an RV located on the site.
• You will not be permitted to purchase an RV site for tent only camping.
• RV’s are defined as anything larger than a 12-passenger van. This includes Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Tent trailers, Pop-up trailers, Truck bed campers, Class A, B, C Motorhomes, Buses and the like. This would not include a normal passenger sized car, truck or anything smaller than a 12-passenger van.
• Those purchasing RV Camping, will be permitted to park two (2) units on their site. Example of 2 units: 1 “A, B or C” class motorhome, truck bed camper, etc. plus 1 normal sized vehicle (anything smaller than a 12 passenger van) OR 1 vehicle plus 1 towed unit (tent trailer, pop-up trailer, travel trailer or 5th wheel trailer).
• The Companion vehicle must arrive with the RV at time of check-in.
• RV campsites DO NOT include water or dump service. Please be sure to have your fresh water tanks full and your grey/black holding tanks empty prior to arriving to the event.
• There will be NO Gas vendors available onsite. Be sure to fill the RV before entering and bring extra gas with you if you plan on running your generator over the weekend.
• All RVs are to remain parked at the campsite for the duration of the event. Once you leave in your RV, you have officially vacated the event and your spot is considered forfeited.

• All campsites are assigned.
• Non-Hydro RV’s will be camped in the same vicinity but in separate blocks. If you wish to camp together, you must arrive together.
• The Weekend of Wreckage Committee reserves the right to relocate campers to a substituted site or area if necessary. Please note that camping maps only provide an approximate location of campsites.

Once you have parked your vehicle on your campsite it must be in place for the entire weekend unless you are exiting the event. If you are leaving the event and intend to return you will be asked to adhere to the re-entry policy, which is armband must be shown.

There will be designated parking for campers only, north of the Centreview Gate. Campers may leave there vehicle there throughout the weekend. Vehicles may NOT be left overnight in GENERAL ADMISSION 3-DAY PARKING Area. If a camper’s vehicle is found in the General Admission 3 day parking, your vehicle will be towed at your own expense.

While you’re always free to modify your personal information, changes to the selected camping location will not be permitted.

• Camping is for all ages, however only those 18+ are permitted to purchase camping spaces.
• All campers are required to purchase full event tickets.
• The fee charged for camping is for the campsite for the entire weekend.
• A maximum of 6 persons allowed per site, although for maximum comfort we encourage between 4-6 people per campsite.
• All Vehicles will be subject to search upon entering the grounds and prohibited items must be surrendered.
• All campground occupants must wear a full event wristband.
• If you have a generator you will be permitted to bring no more than 40L of additional gas onsite.
• Venue/Promoter are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged material. It is recommended that you not bring valuable items or lock them in your vehicle for safety.
• On-site security and first aid station will be provided from noon on Friday June 24th to 8pm on Sunday June 26th.
Any of the activities listed below will constitute a violation which will result in immediate eviction:
• No glass containers of any kind.
• No Kegs
• No weapons, drug paraphernalia and drugs are permitted.
• No animals will be allowed at Weekend of Wreckage (with the exception of service animals). Please note that entry will be denied if pets are present.
• No Fireworks, paper lanterns or any type of explosive are permitted.
• No parking in fire lanes.
• No unapproved vending of any kind will be permitted. This includes the sale or re-sale of alcoholic beverages
• No Fighting / Threatening Behaviour
• For safety reasons drones/(UAVs) are not allowed.
• No Cruising or Mudding
• No Disorderly or Disruptive behavior
• No box trucks, boats, ATV’s, golf-carts, dirt bikes or mopeds will be permitted.
• No public indecency or defecation
• No Campfires of any kind will be permitted; this includes propane fireplaces. The only fire-generating devices allowed would be those used explicitly for cooking. BBQ’s (gas and charcoal, camp and full size) are permitted, but no campfires or open flames.
• No Laser Pointers
Additional Rules
• There is an 11:00PM sound curfew, failure to do so will result in immediate eviction. Please respect your neighbours and our local residents. However generators are subject to noise curfew and must be shut off between 11:00PM and 7:00AM.
• Portable generators of 3KW or less will be permitted.
• Bicycles will be permitted in the camping areas only.
• All campers are expected to be courteous to those around them
• Misuse or dangerous driving of vehicles will not be tolerated.
• Any person operating or riding in a motorized vehicle in the campgrounds or any roadway, which is not leaving is subject to immediate eviction from the event without refund.
• Occupying the box (back) of a pickup truck is prohibited, anyone found occupying the box of a pickup truck will be evicted from the event.
• Any person found to be in possession of a weapon will be subject to a criminal investigation and immediately evicted from the event without refund
• Any person(s) found fighting or threatening other festival attendees or festival staff will immediately be evicted from the event without refund.
• No Underage Drinking
• Alcohol must remain in your campsite. Walking around the camping area with alcohol will not be permitted.
• Alcohol in glass containers are not allowed and can not be transferred into plastic containers or any other non glass container.
• Persons will not be allowed to enter the entertainment space if they are excessively intoxicated or pose a threat to themselves or others. Persons found to be intoxicated in the entertainment space will be escorted outside of the security gates.
• Outside alcoholic beverages are permitted but must be consumed within the camping area.